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Business Evaluation Process
The right way for you to sell your business depends on many factors that are part of the business evaluation process that you should go through as part of your strategic plan that will help you maximize the value of the business you are selling.  This is not something you should do on your own as you want to make sure that once you have sold your business, you and your assets are protected from any future problems relating to this sale.

1. Qualify the Buyer
Screening potential buyers is one of the most important benefits business brokers like The MKL Team can provide for you. Keep in mind that roughly 90 percent of those who respond to business-for-sale ads are either not serious buyers or are not financially qualified. By screening prospects, The MKL Team will contribute to the confidentiality of your business sale by limiting the exposure of the business to the most promising buyers instead of the merely curious time-wasters.

2. Use Appropriate Marketing Strategies
How can we advertise a business for sale without spreading the news too far? The MKL Team of business brokers is an ideal position to do just that. The MKL Team places advertising and posts listings that contain very general and non-specific descriptions of the business. This "blind ad" approach can be phrased to attract interest in the business without revealing its name or exact location and maintaining confidentiality.

3. Prepare Paperwork Designed to Promote Confidentiality
After screening prospective buyers and assessing the degree of interest and financial qualification, The MKL Team of professional business brokers also requires prospects to sign a strictly-worded confidentiality agreement and personal profile that must meet the criterion you, the business seller have established.

4. Manage Appropriate Release of Information
Until a Purchase-And-Sale Agreement has been signed, The MKL Team phrases the release of information about the business to the buyer prospect to match the growing evidence of the buyers sincerity and trust worthiness.

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