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Acquisition Search

This program is for either business owners who are looking to purchase another company in a specific industry to grow their revenues... example: a paper distributor who wants to expand their market by purchasing another paper company, or a steel company who wants to find a company another steel company that offers other products or services they are missing, OR a business buyer who is looking for a specific type of company in a specific type of industry.

Many business buyers don't want to wait for the right business to appear on the horizon or may be have tired of trying to find a business that fits their parameters only to miss an opportunity when one does appear because that business gets sold immediately when listed.

If you are a business buyer and would like to be proactive in the search for a business, then an "Acquisition Search" might be something for you to consider. However, since this is a very time intensive process, not all business buyers are accepted for our "Acquisition Search" program.

Once accepted, the "Acquisition Search" consists of a meeting between you and The MKL Team (TMT) where we spend some quality time defining exactly what kind of business is the "right business" for you. We go through an Acquisition Criteria Worksheet to better define your business requirements and upon completion of the worksheet we begin our search.

Is there a cost for this service?

The cost for an Acquisition Search can be as little as $0 or as much as $5,000 and is determined by the type buyer we are working with, the type of business that is being researched and the investment the Buyer is willing to make. If there is an initial search fee, it is reimbursed when you buy a business through us

Call: (855) 343-5544 ext 309 … The MKL Team will discuss how to qualify for Acquisition Search program.... who knows what you might find.

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